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Welcome to the Festa San Gorg Association of Toronto.

We, the Festa Gorg Association are very proud to have been able to celebrate 34 years with the Maltese Canadian community and the feast of Saint George!

In looking back over these 34 years we have seen this event grow from a small gathering of partisan gorgianni to one the biggest events in the Maltese community. All of this has been accomplished first of all through the support of all of you attending the festa throughout the years, and through all the hard work of our amazing volunteers.

Our commitment has been to make this feast equally as important in celebration and faith. We have considered it vitally important that this feast be welcome and inviting to all Maltese and Gozitans alike, and that this was an event that celebrated festivity as well as faith with equal importance.

Us Maltese are a proud people. Proud of our heritage, proud of our faith and proud that we can come together in celebration.

This association is also very proud of its accomplishments. From humble beginnings, we have seen this feast encompass bands from Malta and Gozo come to perform and celebrate with us. We have seen different members and levels of clergy partake in our celebrations. We have also seen this feast grow from an event of only 150 people to over 800.

All of this could not have been accomplished without the help of our sponsors, our volunteers and of course you the Maltese community and our friends.

Nothing would make us happier than to continue this celebration for years to come, keeping the spirit of our faith and the pride in our heritage strong and alive in our youth and our community.

With all our hearts we welcome you and celebrate together…. VIVA SAN GORG!